client: ao léu

Inês Silva founded a swimwear brand in 2017 under the name NEGUIN. In October 2020, Inês contacted us because she wanted to rebrand the brand. We started with a diagnosis process where we tried to understand what motivated her to create the brand and we soon realized that this project had a very beautiful personal purpose. The name “NEGUIN” had no meaning and neither did the brand image. Inês didn’t identify with the brand name and so, we did a study, created personas and helped Inês to identify her purpose with the brand:

This is a project that emerged in order to create a dream of Inês, who has always been connected to the element of water and until the age of 18 was a high competition athlete.Swimwear and bikinis have always been the world of Inês. Beach, heat, salt water, summer, sun, sand and sea are what Inês loves the most and Inês is happy with it. This is her favorite season of the year and so, the business she created had to be related to these elements.

“Telling a small part of my story, in 2016, in Coimbra, when I left college, I decided to buy a ticket at a kiosk and I got 100 euros. It was with that money that I paid my first class monthly fee at sewing school. I always liked to see my grandmother sewing and the ” crazy feeling” was already in my head, but that’s where it all started. For a few months I attended the school and soon after I was able to make my own bikinis. My friends started wanting to make them too, and I started thinking about creating my own brand. The purpose of this business was to sell custom made bikinis and swimsuits, designed and made by me, but now this is no longer possible and I have handed over the production to a small manufacturer. The purpose of this brand will continue to be to create unique and special pieces with my personal touch. One day I would like to dedicate myself 100% to this project that I have always dreamed of.”

The name “AO LÉU” comes from Inês’ personal story but is also connected to the story of the bikini, a story of the body, of censure and provocation.


Your body is your biggest temple and AO LÉU is for all women who feel good about their bodies. To love your body is to feel good about yourself. It is learning to trust yourself, and it is in you, that lies your greatest power: your confidence!
Body in movement and mind in stillness! (in highlight)

AO LÉU was created for your hot summer days. It’s for your happiest days in the salt water and golden sand of an endless summer, and afternoons well spent with friends.
We are for your endless dives in the sea and we match your salty, unruly hair. AO LÉU is your summer love.AO LÉU is freedom without rules or prejudices.

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