A PALCO desenvolveu o manifesto da campanha NUMERO DOS da marca CAYET. A campanha foi fotografada pela lente de FREDERICO MARTINS e Styling de NELLY GONÇALVES. Cabelo ao cargo do Rui Rocha e make up por Patrícia Lima Atelier


We travel to the past to revisit the history and influence of great women of the 90’s who inspire us not only by the essence of their personality, but also by their delicacy and style. Fashion is revisiting the past, transporting it to the new present. NUMERO UNO was created with the purpose of remaining in our closet for eternity. Our pieces are designed with a timeless gift in mind where women can wear our designs and interpret it in various possibilities. We do not create for each season, but in a way that will last for any occasion. CAYET believes that original pieces with high quality help our clients create the history of their success and are the perfect tool for every moment. NUMERO DOS comes as a continuation of its homologous NUMERO UNO: deconstruct to recombine in different possibilities. It is one of the key concepts of the collection that somehow becomes a puzzle: it can be addictive because everything combines and fits perfectly.
NUMERO DOS materializes through the deconstruction of the best sellers (CLAUDIA DRESS and NAOMI DRESS) from the first collection “NUMERO UNO”, created from a simple reason:
“Invest in timeless, iconic key pieces. We want CAYET Muses to be free of excess. Wearing CAYET symbolizes investing in a capsule closet with unique pieces that allows you to stand out in any occasion”.

Talking about deconstruction, the NAOMI dress receives a new life and shape and appears in a new color and material and is also recreated in a bodysuit in its original form that can easily be combined with other new pieces in the collection such as the GABRIELLE skirt, the GISELLE pants or the SALMA skirt.
The CLAUDIA dress appears again but this time in a new color: the ARMY color and has evolved into a new model even more audacious and irreverent, the TYRA dress. The exuberant KATE dress 3-in-1, reemerges in the NUMERO DOS era, and it transforms into a 4-in-1 with the glamours application of feathers.


Claúdia, our founder, when designing NUMERO DOS collection, thought of a unique palette that defends timelessness and does not compromise colors or unusual combinations: black is the eternal classic that saves us in any occasion. In turn, the silver color was created thinking about the desire to attract good feelings because it invites celebration. The introduction of sequins and feathers gives a luxurious and sophisticated touch not only for party seasons but for those bolder days out of the office.“Never forget that office work can’t be boring”. We design under this statement and ascend to another kind of nobility that we cannot deny: structured and luxurious knitwear that gives us the best of both worlds: comfort and elegance. We are sure that they will last in your closet and pass on to new generations. TWEED gives form to a SET DESIGN that can also be deconstructed and varied with other pieces of the collection. Our tweed is made of sustainable fibers that are environmental friendly. Silk Velvet is not only about luxury. It confers power and elegance to our personality.

NUMERO DOS allows us to conquer with lightness and assurance. Times change, desires (some) change. The feathers, silk, satin, tweed, structured knits, sequins, attitude and glamour remain.
We proclaim vanguardism. We suppose we could say “Swear it on CAYET”.

A PALCO captou o backstage da campanha NUMERO DOS com fotos analógicas e digitais. Partilhamos um set de inspiração das nossas fotos preferidas do BTS da CAMPANHA.


Photography: @frederico__martins
Creative Direction & Styling: @nelly_goncalves
Make up: @patricialimaatelier
Hair: @ruirocha_hairstylist
Model: @__raquelbrito__ @weare_models
Photographer Assistant:
Video & Edit: @raulepsousa
Production: @lalaland_studios @_diogooliveira_

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