client: vava x francooculista

VAVA is a Portuguese eyewear brand, highly inspired by architecture. The Collaboration with Siza Vieira, a great name in Contemporary Architecture, is the result of the undeniable link between VAVA and the structures of Siza Vieira. Recognized worldwide, Siza Vieira has designed so many iconic buildings in the past 50 years. This commitment is based on the creation of an exclusive collection of glasses.
VAVA X FRANCO OCULISTA, was marked by the launch of the contemporary photographic exhibition “When fashion meets architecture”. A unique and cosmopolitan wind in the most iconic view of Braga.
This was an event aimed to artists, designers, architects, musicians, teachers of fine arts and people who are connected with the world of art and fashion. In this event we have a collaboration from SETRA that created two personalized cocktails and named VAVA and SIZA.
All of this combined had created a unique experience where everything breathed art and architecture.

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